” Effective entry into new markets requires both robust analysis and planning “

We provide you with entry analysis based on qualitative research, evaluating new market viability for your product and help you to develop a successful product entry.

In order to formulate your market entry strategy, we find answer to these questions :


  • What is your market size?

  • How strong is your competition?

  • Does your brand ‘stretch’?

  • Will entry undermine your core existing markets?

  • What are your barriers to an entry?

  • How can we set up your distributor contract?



Our answers are to make you better decisions and include deep primary research of customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, government and regulations in the new entry market.


We also assess all opportunities and threats in the new sector or category and reveal the best advices to follow strengths and avoid threats.


Finally, we will present numbers of insightful recommendations, based on our final analysis which views the most adequate options for a successful entry strategy.