Opportunity Management

” We quantify the opportunities and then create the road map for their successful exploitation.”

When a business identifies a potential new market opportunity , whether in a new product / service or new geography/customer market, it will need to validate and quantify  opportunity and create the road  map for its  successful exploitation. 

We analyze new market opportunities for the company’s products and/or services towards the target  markets  by several tools:


Market Penetration, which is  used to find new  ways to increase sales with the current product without having to change it. 

Market Development, which is used to find new market, segments for the current product.  Ways to accomplish this would be to expand distribution channels, sell in new locations, or find new users. 


Product Development, which is used to grow the business by improving existing products or developing new ones into market segments in which you are already successful. 


Diversification, which is used to grow the business by starting up an entirely new product line outside the present business. 

We create the effective plan needed to maximise the opportunities that may exist in a new market for your business.

By analysing market trends and buyers’ behaviours, we, in Market Matters,  are  able  to  help business  managers to identify opportunities in the market place and manoeuvre their organisational resources and capabilities in order to take full competitive advantage of these.