Risk Management

“Managing risks means identifying them one by one and making a plan to minimize their impacts on the business.”

Moving into new markets and/or product areas is inherently risky and therefore there is a greater aspiration for addressing it properly.


We take vital measures  in managing your international risk by identifying  the potential threats  that your firm could face in targeted foreign markets, including:


External threats that are unpredictable and uncontrollable: Regulatory or government intervention, natural hazards, unanticipated environmental or social impacts like political unrest.


External threats that are predictable but uncontrollable: Market risks, cost fluctuations, competition, honouring of agreements, distribution failures, currency fluctuations, inflation and  changes to taxation.


Internal threats that are generally controllable: Management inadequacy, inappropriate structure, poor policies, inadequate planning, excessive reliance on one individual for a critical part of the project (especially in smaller firms), cost overruns and cash flow squeezes.


Legal threats that are generally controllable:  Company’s licenses and patent rights issues, contractual difficulties due to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, inappropriate contracting strategy, wrong contract type and outsider or insider legal claims.