” It is imperative for businesses to understand their new markets in order to get the strategies right”

To enter and establish a successful business in the new market place, we need an entry plan. This is the first step of entry as each new market requires a unique set of strategies, which will be different from strategies employed in the home-country. It is imperative for business to understand their new markets precisely in order to get the strategies right.

We in Market Matters provide our clients with three separate services:


Consulting (on entry strategy)We devise and offer customized strategies, mainly focus on macro-economic, sociocultural and political aspects, regulations, competitiveness, demands, changing industry and customer trends. Our strategy presents our view on the impact of these forces on the entry market landscape, including the potential market size, growth and the market value for clients’ product introductions. To learn more  slide2_btnslide2_btn


Partnership Management:  We facilitate (1) to identify an effective trade partner/distributor, (2) negotiations with a key business partner, (3) business planning for the new partner, (4) plan supervision, (5) feedbacks and necessary business plan amendments.  To learn more slide2_btnslide2_btn


Supervision:  We carry out regular surveys of  local partner, monitor their activities, improve their performances, and report to the client.  To learn more slide2_btnslide2_btn